About St. Paul

St. Paul located 200 km northeast of Edmonton on Highway 29 boasts the World’s First UFO Landing Pad. A UFO Tourist Information Centre is now located adjacent to the UFO Landing Pad and provide information to its many visitors.

St. Paul’s life-support is the rich agricultural land that surrounds the Town, supplemental by the oil and gas industries. With a population of 6004 (Census 2014), the community is rich in a number of ethnic backgrounds.

St. Paul is strategically located in the centre of the northeast region of Alberta, and as a result maintains its status as a major trading centre for the surrounding district. An excellent road system and a 3,500 foot paved airstrip provides easy access to and from the area.

Check out the Parks & Recreation Dept. for information on recreation facilities, campgrounds, and more in the Town of St. Paul

The Landing Pad - St. Paul boasts the World's First UFO Landing Pad.