Do you have a Land Use Bylaw concern or a safety codes permit concern?

Planning & Development strives to operate in a professional and courteous manner. It is also focused on treating its clients and partners in an open, transparent and timely manner. 

There is no fee for filing a concern.

Please fill out the form below to file your concern. The concern can be related to:

  • checking in if a development permit has been obtained by an owner (please check this webpage first to see if a permit has been issued).
  • checking in if the owner (or contractor) has obtained the necessary safety codes permit (building, electrical, plumbing, or gas permit).

Note: An individual also may call in to verify if a permit has been applied for with the department.  During our busy times, this may take some time to get back to you if we have received an influx of permits/inquiries.

What is the process that staff will take?

As per Council's policy, the Town will not act on anonymous concerns.

Process and Guidelines

  • Concerns are dealt with promptly and resolved as quickly as possible;
  • Staff treats any concerns received as confidential to protect all parties according to the FOIP Regulations;
  • Investigations are fair, impartial and respectful to parties involved; 
  • Updates may be provided to individual(s) filing the concern, although all details and follow up are not necessarily disclosed as some information may be protected under the FOIP Regulations;
  • Concerns are used to assist in improving services, internal practices and procedures.

Concern Form: Planning & Development

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Please note that your personal information will remain confidential unless required for court purposes.

Comments/Additional Details

Address/Location of Concern

To assist us in the processing of your concern efficiently, the minimum information we require to be completed in this section is the address of the property for inspection/investigation. Any additional information you can provide such as a first and/or last name of property owner is helpful but not essential.

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