Development Permit Exemptions List


Tax Roll # Street Address Description of Work Date the exemption was approved
2001 5014-56 St Signage Update Feb 15, 2022
1113 4829-50 Ave Mobile Business Mar 14, 2022
2773 4042 Lakeshore Drive Dayhome April 11, 2022

This list above does not represent all exempted projects granted by the Development Officer as some residents choose not to apply officially in writing with the department.  The department is providing this official exemption as an option if residents so choose.

As all exemptions are stamped and signed by the Development Officer, some residents have found it helpful to apply for the exemption so that the document can be provided to:

  • a future owner as proof that a development permit was not required at the time the project was started,
  • your hired contractor,
  • The Inspections Group Inc. when you apply for any other safety codes permit, or
  • The Town of St. Paul reception when you apply for a business licence.