Want to verify a zoning of a property?

Zoning Map

Note: When the link above is clicked, it will bring you to our most current Land Use Bylaw. The zoning maps are at the very end of this document.

When would I apply for zoning confirmation letter?

A zoning confirmation letter may be requested when a property is being sold.  It provides limited information to the mortgage company, realtor, or buyer or seller regarding the permitted or discretionary land uses and zoning of the property.

A zoning confirmation letter is not a requirement of any municipal bylaw; however, sometimes financial institutions, realtors, lawyers, appraisers, require confirmation of a zoning at the time of property transactions.

Where do I send my completed application to?

Completed applications can be mailed or emailed to:

Attn:  Planning & Legislative Services
Box 1480
St. Paul, AB T0A 3A0
Email: pd@town.stpaul.ab.ca

Or you may deliver your request in person at the Town Hall, 2nd Floor (5101-50 Street) and ask to speak to someone in Planning & Legislative Services department.

What is the process that staff will take?

  1. After submitting a request, staff will assess the information and indicate what the zoning is for the address documented in the application request.
  2. A letter is written, indicating that our department has received your request for the property in question and given the zoning information (land use district).
  3. Applicants can expect to receive their Zoning Confirmation Letter via email within 1-2 days.


Our office cannot give zoning information over the phone, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information being received by the requested party to be transmitted appropriately to the other parties. 

Requests for the filing of a Compliance Certificate, Development Permit, Rezoning, or Subdivision Application 

A Zoning Confirmation Letter is not necessarily required when an individual is filing a compliance certificate, development permit application, rezoning application, or subdivision application.  This is a FREE service that the Planning & Development will continue to provide as part of processing an application.

Munisight (GIS) Access Request

Does your office have many requests for zoning or property dimensions? Alternatively, you may apply for Public Access to our GIS system for a minimal yearly fee.  The zoning and many more details can be confirmed under the Planning & Development's legend.  Please contact Brian at 780-645-3509 for more information.