Compliance Certificates & Real Property Reports

What is a Compliance Certificate?

Compliance Certificate Request Policy
(includes a Frequently Asked Questions section)

A certificate of compliance or a letter of non-conformance is issued when a real property report (RPR) is submitted to the department.  This includes a review of the location of the existing building(s)/improvements relative to the property boundaries and how it complies or does not comply with the current Land Use Bylaw.

This is a service (not a requirement) offered by the Town of St. Paul in response to a real estate transaction.

*It is recommended, per Town policy that requests are submitted at time of listing of a property rather than at time of a pending sale to avoid stress/hardship to a buyer/seller.*

How long will it take to process my request?

Please allow up to 10 business days for review.  The processing timeline varies due to the number of requests received.

Please apply EARLY to avoid any delays!

Our staff processes requests as quick as we can.  You may wish to consult with your lawyer/realtor if a closing date has been selected and the Real Property Report/Compliance Certificate has not yet been ordered and/or completed.  They may recommend options to proceed.  It is helpful to list the closing date on your request so that the Town can prioritize requests. Although, typically files are processed in order by received date.

Highlights/Benefits of a Real Property Reports & Compliance Certificates

  • Problems are identified and can be resolved before a sale is finalized;
  • Sellers and Purchasers know accurate location and dimensions of buildings, improvements, rights-of-way, and encroachments relative to boundaries of their property to avoid disputes;
  • Financing sometimes requires verified survey information and a letter of compliance;
  • RPR’s older than 6 months but less than 5 years can be accepted with a Statutory Declaration if no changes are made to the property since the date of the last RPR;
  • Processing timelines: Responses may take longer during our busy times or where an existing development/encroachments do not conform to the Land Use Bylaw.

Questions or ready to file your request?

Email requests to: (completed form and Real Property Report)

Fee:  $125.00

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payments can be entered on the "Compliance Certificate Request Form", please include the following information:

-Credit Card Holder's Name;
-Credit Card Number;
-Expiry Date;
-CVV on the back of the card.

Our  department will work internally to put through your payment.

All requests for compliance must be submitted through our general mailbox to avoid any delays as requests are processed by date received complete.