Supportive Living Facility

What is a Supportive Living Facility?

means a facility that provides services to a minimum of 4 persons in need of assistance due to age, physical or mental disability, addiction, behavioral issues, illness, or injury. The maximum number of residents in a supportive living facility will be determined by the Development Authority. The accommodation and hospitality services provided as part of this use may be complemented with supportive health services, such as health monitoring and medication assistance, and personal services such as non-emergency transportation, and social, leisure and spiritual opportunities.

To see if your property is zoned for a supportive living facility, check your property's zoning designation here.  You may also call 780-645-4481 and ask for the Planning & Development department to confirm your zoning.

How do I develop a Supportive Living Facility?

Step 1: If you are proposing to create a supportive living facility within an existing building, you may first want to connect with the Town's Building Safety Codes Officer to conduct a site visit. This can be arranged through a fee for service.  Please call 1-844-750-3721.  If this is a new building, go to Step 4.

Step 2:  Town's Building Safety Codes Officer (SCO) conducts a site visit. An inspection is prepared to outline any required changes. 

Step 3:  If after receiving a report, the owner desires to proceed with a supportive living facility then a development permit application can be filed with the Town's Planning Department to request permission. 

Step 4:  Fill out a development permit application form and letter of intent. Once a development permit application is submitted, the department reviews the application on it's own merits (zoning, location, and availability of parking).

Tip:  If listed as a permitted use, the processing of an application is up to 40 days.

Tip: If listed as a discretionary use, it can take up to 3-4 months to receive a final decision.  These types of applications can be approved with conditions, tabled for more information or refused by the Municipal Planning Commission.

Step 5:  If the Development Permit is approved, there is a 21 day appeal period.  If no appeals are received, a owner can proceed with applying for a Building Permit.

Step 6:  Owner makes the required changes with the supportive living facility and then calls The Inspections Group Inc. for an inspection.

Step 7:  Owner/Applicant may open once a Final Inspection Report and Permit Services Report (PSR) has been completed by The Inspection Group Inc. stating that the development is code compliant.  

Are there standard regulations that apply to a Supportive Living Facility?

Click this link for a copy of the regulations.