Business License

Why does my business need a license?

The Town of St. Paul requires all businesses operating or providing a product or service within the town limits to have a valid business license. A business license signifies that you have met the Town licensing and other Municipal Bylaw requirements and are permitted to operate within St. Paul.

The onus is upon each business to determine whether a Provincial license is required. Before you commit to a location for your business, please check with Planning & Development to determine if your business activity is permitted in that location and whether Safety Codes/building use permits are required.

Who do I contact to see what permit and/or license are first required?

To inquire with Planning & Development you may email the Department or call 780-645-4481.

Who do I contact about a business license, after I received my approval to apply for a business license?

To inquire about a business license application, please contact Claire Desaulniers directly at 780-645-4481. 

A copy of the issued development permit must be provided as proof or a written exemption must be provided by the Development Officer/Planning staff.

Non-Resident, Temporary, Trade Show, Special Event or Markets

Any person, contractor, vendor or business that is mobile (does not have a permanent location/site) within the Town of St. Paul requires a business license although, not a development permit.

There are some exceptions to this rule such as farmers markets operating out of a community halls and/or mobile food trucks.

Is there general rules for new or existing businesses?

Most businesses require land use approval (development permit) and a business license. The use of a space and the business license are separate approvals, each with their own set of requirements, definitions, and bylaws.

There are a number of variables that the Town assesses in determining permitting requirements for each business. Variables include the land use district, proposed business activities, and historical development permit approvals at the location.  For further information on a change of use, please view or contact Planning & Development Services to discuss your specific details and land use approval requirements.

Businesses are required to obtain land use approval prior to any safety codes permits (building, electrical, plumbing, and gas) and business license being issued.

Setting up a new home occupation or a home based business?

A home occupation is a business that operates out of a home in a residential neighbourhood. More information on home occupations and what is required to set up a home occupation can be found within the Land Use Bylaw - PART 5.16.

Home Occupation, Major:
means a business, occupation, trade, profession, or craft carried on by an occupant of a dwelling unit as a use secondary to the residential use of the dwelling, and which does not change the character of the building in which it is located or have any exterior evidence of such secondary use other than a small sign. A major home occupation may have up to 1 employee, other than those residents in the dwelling unit working on site at any time. A major home occupation may also have more than 5 client visits per week, and a limited amount of outdoor storage of goods. A major home occupation may include, but is not restricted to, hairdressing and cutting, dressmaking, millinery and similar domestic crafts, stamp and coin sales, music and/or dance instruction, minor repairs to household equipment and tutoring. The distinctions between major home occupations and minor home occupations are more fully described in PART 5.16.

Home Occupation, Minor:
means any business, occupation, trade, profession, or craft carried on by an occupant of a dwelling unit as a use secondary to the residential use of the dwelling, and which does not change the character of the building in which it is located or have any exterior evidence of such secondary use. A minor home occupation will have no employees, other than those residing in the dwelling unit, and no more than 5 client visits per week, and no outdoor storage of any goods. A minor home occupation may include, but is not restricted to, offices of accountants, doctors, business and professional consultants, contractors, lawyers, bookkeepers, architects, catalogue sales, and minor repair shops, but does not include any development that may, in the opinion of the Development Authority, be considered to be a major home occupation. The distinctions between minor home occupations and major home occupations are more fully described in PART 5.16.


What happens if I change my mailing address or street address of my business?

Please complete Schedule B of the bylaw and check off the "Change of Address" box and return or drop it off to the front reception at the Town Hall or you may email the completed for to:

When are fees due and when does the license expire?

Business Licenses are due by January 31 of each year, and a license expires at midnight on December 31 of that same year.  Invoices are mailed in January to businesses in our database with the appropriate renewal fee identified.

How do I pay my business license fee?

In order to pay your yearly Business License fee and keep your account up to date please choose one of the following methods:

  1. Come into the Town of St. Paul Administration Building 5101-50 Street (Main Floor)
  2. Call the Town to provide payment over the phone with one of our staff at 780-645-4481 using your VISA/MASTERCARD.
  3. Online banking search accounts receivable and add “Town of St. Paul Accounts Receivable."
  4. If a business has ceased operating it is the responsibility of the business to contact the Town of St. Paul in writing so that the database can be updated. The Town assumes a business is still in business if no written confirmation is provided that it has ceased. Email:

What is the annual fee?

Type A Retail Business/Service, Personal Service, Business Support Service, Recreation, Automotive Service/Repair, Fuel Bar/Service Station, Feed/Food Manufacturing, Fitness Centre, Laundry/Laundromat, Rental Agency, Apartment Building, Taxi, Communication Business, Professional, Consultant, Restaurant. $100.00
Type B Financial Institution, Shopping Centre, Utility Company, Hotel/Motel, Hawker/Peddler, General Contractor, Arcades (Permanent) $200.00
Type C: AGLC

Liquor Store
Cannabis Store
Cannabis Facility


Type D: Regulated Business Circus, Carnival, Exhibition, Festival/Concert, Arcades (Temporary) $250.00/day