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The Town of St. Paul is an accredited municipality. As an accredit agency, the department must follow the Quality Management Plan (QMP) adopted by Town Council & Safety Codes Council. As of April 1, 2018, The Inspections Group Inc. will provide our permit issuance and inspection services for the Town of St. Paul. 

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How will the new building code that is coming into force on May 1, 2024 affect my build?

Notice Date: January 31, 2024

The Town recommends that The Inspections Group Inc. be consulted when building plans are being drawn to ensure that they are complying with the new building codes.

Safety Codes Council - National Building Code - 2023 Alberta Edition: Link

What is a safety codes permits?

A safety codes permits is a building permit, plumbing permit, gas permit, and private sewage disposal systems permit.

These are all separate permits that if work or changes are being done, a permit could be required.  The reason that these are separate permits is that different code books/regulations apply to each permit.

What is the value of a safety codes permit?

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Who is responsible to apply for a permit (safety codes permit)?

All owners and contractors are required to obtain permits for the use, occupancy, relocation, construction, demolition, installation, alteration, repair, removal or change in occupancy of building or buildings, electrical, plumbing, gas equipment.  The Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to commencing work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building Code or work governed by the Canadian Electrical Code, the Alberta Gas Code or the Alberta Plumbing Code.

Obtaining a permit allows home owners and contractors to meet the industry standard and to conform to the minimum safety codes standards.

How do I ensure my Contractor has applied for a permit?

Owners are encouraged to request a copy of the permit from their Contractor before work is started.

To ensure your Contractor has applied for the appropriate permit you may ask your Contractor and/or call The Inspections Group Inc. to confirm if a permit is required and applied for.

The permit fee covers any code related questions (homeowner and/or contractor may confirm applicable codes), inspection(s), & final notice called a Permit Services Report (PSR) to very if the complete installation complies with the current code.


Where do I send my permit applications to?

Permit applications should be sent directly to the Cold Lake Office for quicker service:

Jamie Machatis, Office Manager
110, 4910 50 Avenue | Cold Lake, Alberta, T9M 0G1
Phone: (780) 594-4301 | Toll-Free: (888) 853-6411 
Fax: (780) 594-3720 | Toll-Free Fax: (844) 750-3721

Alternately, an individual may call the Town's planning department for assistance with completion and submitting your permit to The Inspections Group Inc.

Who will be inspecting my property?

Dale Vallee, Building (Residential only) & Electrical SCO |                           
Email: | Cell Phone: 780-573-1837 

Steven Henderson, Commercial Building SCO |                                           
Email: | Cell Phone:  780-222-1623

Josh Solowan, Plumbing & Gas SCO |                                                           
Email: | Cell Phone:  780-220-2182

Our Safety Codes Officers (SCO's) are here to help! Do not hesitate to call the SCO's for code information prior to applying for a permit or starting construction.  

SCO's perform code compliance monitoring services within the disciplines covered by the Safety Codes Act. SCOs are responsible for a number of tasks including reviewing construction plans, issuing permits, performing site inspections, and providing information to contractors and homeowners on code requirements.

How can I request an inspection?

Call:  1-888-853-6411
Text:  780-207-7630

Who should keep a copy of the safety codes permits?

The owner of the lands should keep a copy of their issued permit in a safe place for their future reference.  The Town may not have all the records pertaining to your property as the Town has a records retention policy which limits the retention period due to storage capabilities. 

It is best when selling your home, to pass along copies any permit information to the new owner for their reference.

Is it ever too late to apply for a permit?

It is never too late to apply for your development permit and/or safety codes permits.  The caution that the Town has is that you would be subjected to the new codes of the day you are applying. It is always best to inquire about permits at time of construction.

At times, an owner may be exempted from taking out a development permit.  This exemption application can be processed quickly by planning staff and provided to a future owner that you as a owner had originally inquired about the rules and regulations at the time of construction/relocation.

When buying, some owners choose to request from the seller all copies of permits including inspection reports and Permit Services Report (PSR) prior to the closing of a sale.  It's best to check in with the Town early when you list your home to avoid any delays with the sale of your lands.

Safety Tips Brochures

Safety tips brochures prepared by the Safety Codes Council (applicable to all of Alberta) can be found here. 

Renovation projects & home safety topics include:

  • Finishing your basement
  • Building a wood deck
  • Building a detached residential garage
  • Exterior Stairs to your home
  • Bedrooms windows
  • Barbeque safety
  • Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (Wood stove)
  • Home Heating safety
  • Smoke Alarms for your home
  • Additions to residence
  • Cooktops (location & clearance space)
  • Secondary suite standards
  • Natural gas and propane safety
  • Gas appliances and Flooding
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, & spas

Safety tips and guidelines for businesses & organizations:

  • Carbon dioxide bulk beverage systems
  • Mobile fuel vending
  • Propane cylinder safety
  • Propane Used as Engine Fuel
  • Aerosol products
  • Spray booths and spray coating processes
  • Unsecured or vacant buildings
  • Fire doors
  • Escape rooms
  • Fire watch requirements
  • Compressed gas storage
  • Exit signs
  • Prevention of freeze of wet chemical suppression systems
  • Fire safety plan
  • Fire drills

Residential Builders Licensing Program

To obtain information on the changes effective December 1, 2017 for Residential Builders Licensing Program, please see this link.

How do I find out if my builder is registered to build through the Home Warranty Program?

  • Builder Registry can be found here.  You may search by 'location of builder' to find local builders.
  • Property Registry can be found here.

Any new home constructed after February 1, 2014, must comply with the New Home Warranty standards implemented by the Government of Alberta.

How can I find out more about barrier free design guidelines?

The Codes for barrier-free design requirements exist to allow proper and safe access and use of buildings, facilities, and open areas. Designers and builders must comply with the requirements of the current edition of the Alberta Building Code prior to construction in order to avoid errors and costly renovations.

The Codes for barrier-free design exist to regulate a proper and safe outcome for accessibility. Section 3.8 of the Alberta Building Code (ABC) 2014 sets forth the technical requirements for barrier-free design. Section 3.8. and other applicable Codes apply to all new construction (resurfacing of a parking lot or new builds). The current requirements in the ABC are not applied retroactively to existing buildings.

For more information on barrier free design, please contact Steven Henderson:

Phone:  780-222-1623