Staff Directory

Administration & Finance

Steven Jeffery Chief Administrative Officer 780-645-1764 Email
Sarah Burton Executive Assistant 780-645-1765 Email
Mitchel Bachelet Chief Financial Officer 780-645-1761 Email
Laura Missal Accounts Payable, Finance 780-645-1757 Email
Shelley Kotowich Utilities and Tax Clerk, Finance 780-645-1759 Email
Lori Werenka Payroll/Human Resources, Finance 780-645-1767 Email
Claire Desaulniers Reception, Accounts Receivable, Finance 780-645-4481 Email
Brian Reaney GIS Technician   Email

Planning & Legislative Services

Aline Brousseau Director of Planning & Legislative Services 780-645-1766 Email
Jim Laidley Planning & Legislative Services Officer II 780-645-1762 Email


Parks & Recreation

Harvey Smyl Director of Parks & Recreation 780-645-1760 Email
Alyssa Cameron Facility Booking/Event Coordinator 780-645-1771 Email
Sean Hovelkamp Golf Club Manager 780-645-4077 Email
Randy Leslie Golf Course Foreman, Parks & Recreation    
Daryll Peters Facilities Foreman, Parks & Recreation   Email
Eugene Robinson Lead Hand, Parks & Recreation    
Paul Jean Parks & Recreation Operator    
Christian Nypower Parks & Recreation Operator    
Cy Romanovich Parks & Recreation Operator    
Kirk Thornton Parks & Recreation Operator    
Hailey Smyl Parks & Recreation Operator    
Matthew Boulianne Parks & Recreation Operator    
Gilles Gervais Action Bus 780-645-4481  
Andre Chamberland Action Bus 780-645-4481  

Regional FCSS & Lakeland Family Resource Network

Lynn Smid Director, FCSS and Family Resource Network 780-645-5311 Email
Kim Ouellette Family Resource Network Coordinator 780-645-5311 Email
Leah Burton Family Resource Network Coordinator Assistant 780-645-5311 Email
Brenda Billo FCSS Programmer 780-645-5311 Email
Brenda Bouchard FCSS Receptionist 780-645-5311 Email
Gwen Pierce FCSS Elk Point Programmer 780-724-3800 Email


Public Works

Michael Landry Director of Public Works 780-587-5435 Email
Martin Belanger Foreman, Public Works 780-645-3509 Email
Marc Pomerleau Lead Hand, Public Works 780-645-3509 Email
Lisa Robitaille Public Works Admin Clerk 780-645-3509  
Tina Jean Public Works Admin Clerk 780-645-3509  
Colin Desaulniers Public Works    
Nicolas Blais Public Works    
Henri Boulianne Public Works    
Roland Brousseau Public Works    
Leonard Chomlak Public Works    
Perry Ellis Public Works    
Brent Hudson  Public Works    
Tyler Kostrub Public Works    
Tim Kaprowski Public Works    
Collin Breen Public Works    
Roland Poitras Public Works    
Robert Severin Public Works    
Kevin Ference Public Works    


Bert Pruneau Director, Utilities 780-210-0342 Email
Roger Champagne Utilities Foreman 780-614-4219 Email
Stuart Kotowich Utilities Operator    
Madisyn Watt Utilities Operator    

Fire & Municipal Enforcement

Trevor Kotowich Fire Chief & Director, Protective Services,
Emergency Management 
780-645-4100 Email
Henry Thomson Deputy Fire Chief 780-645-4100 Email
Polly Savelieff Municipal Enforcement Officer 780-645-4522 Email

Aquatic Centre

Robert Simons Aquatic & Recreation Services Coordinator 780-645-3388 Email
Tala Tomlinson Assistant Supervisor/Senior Lifeguard, Aquatic Centre 780-645-3388  
Lori-Anne Ouellette Senior Lifeguard, Aquatic Centre 780-645-3388  
Lance Ouellette Senior Lifeguard, Aquatic Centre 780-645-3388