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What is the subdivision process?

Subdivision is the process of dividing land into smaller parcels. A proposal might be as simple as subdividing one lot into two lots, but more often proposes a large number of new lots and roads in a developing neighbourhood. All subdivisions must follow the Town's Municipal Servicing standards.

On October 29, 2018, Council appointed themselves as the Subdivision Authority for the Town of St. Paul. 

Process Time Frame Notes
Pre-Consult N/A It is recommended that applicants meet (either in person or on the telephone) with planning staff to determine/review the application requirements and best course of action.

Please call 780-645-1766 to book a meeting in advance of filing your application.
Applicant completes application N/A

Our department is here to help! Please call us if you need any assistance with our application form.

The fees are listed below. 

An important reminder, that all owners must sign the subdivision application before submission.  If an agent (surveyor) is acting on behalf of the owner, they would be considered the applicant.

Application Submission 10-14 days The Subdivision Officer will send a letter to the applicant to notify them that the file has been opened and is in review. If any documents should be missing from the file, the applicant would be contacted. Staff review includes that the subdivision: is suitable for intended use including environmental considerations, is serviceable, has access to a road or lawful means of access, & conforms with the Town’s planning documents. If all information is submitted in accordance with Town’s planning documents, the Subdivision Officer moves to Step 4.
Review of Application & Referrals within 20 days During this time, staff will prepare notifications and send notifications to adjacent landowners and applicable agencies.  Within 20 days, you will be notified via letter stating that the file is "deemed complete".
Subdivision Authority decision within 60 days of a complete application Once all comments have been returned, the Subdivision Officer prepares a report and schedules a meeting with the Subdivision Authority. According to the Municipal Government Act, the Subdivision Authority has 60 days to make a decision unless an agreement between the parties for an extension has been reached. Typically, a decision is able to be rendered within this timeframe.

If your file receives a "conditional approval", you may then complete the applicable conditions on file.

If your file receives a "denial", you will be informed of the next course of action. 
Applicant completes the conditions of approval decision is valid for 1 year The applicant and/or owner has 1 year to complete the conditions of approval. Typically, applicants do not tend to take the full year to complete their file although, it would be their choice.  This timeline also depends on the number of conditions imposed on the file (engineering/surveying/reports) etc.
Development Agreement applicable if the file receives conditional approval Development Agreement (servicing agreement) drafted by the Subdivision Officer.  This is typically time that any and all security deposits/additional fees are paid by the developer.
Subdivision Approval documents - endorsement anytime after the applicant completes the conditions Once all conditions are met, the Subdivision Officer grants the endorsement (registration) to the applicant for registration within 1 year at the Land Titles Office in Edmonton.

*Application timelines vary based on the complexity of the application.  The table above shows average calendar days for a standard application.

How much does it cost to apply for a subdivision?

Subdivision Application Fee (up to 3 lots including remainder) - $500.00
Subdivision Application Fee (4 or more lots including remainder) - $700.00 + $100.00 per lot
Separation of Titles (Section 652.4 of the MGA) - $700.00
Boundary Adjustment - $700.00 + $100.00 per lot
Condominium Plan Consent - $50.00 per unit
Re-circulation (as a result of a change of the draft plan) - $250.00

Endorsement Fee (paid after the file is conditionally approved) - $100.00 + $150.00 per lot

Time Extension Fee (Extension fee must be paid before Council considers the request.  This fee is applicable if applicant does not complete the conditions of approval within 1 year) - $200.00

Development Agreement Fee (less than 3 lots: collected prior to signing the agreement) - $150.00/parcel
Development Agreement Fee (more than 3 lots:  collected prior to signing the agreement) - $200.00/parcel

*If registration is requested before completion of the conditions of subdivision, then the full amount of security (quotes to be submitted by applicant and prepared according to the Town's standards prepared by a qualified professional) will be collected prior to endorsement is given.  The security is then returned, once all obligations and the construction of (curb, gutter, roads, landscaping, water or sewer lines etc.)