Public Works

Bulk Water

Town Water Cardlock located at meter house 4001 Lakeshore Dr. 

Set up an account at Town Office Administration at 5101 - 50 St
For more inquiries, phone 780-645-4481
Ex:  Cost $1.00 for 167 litres
or $6.00 per cubic meter

Waste Pickup Schedule

Garbage pickup occurs Monday thru Friday with different areas of Town identified for pickup each day. 

When a long weekend arrives, Public Works will combine garbage pickup days to ensure residents do have their waste bins emptied weekly.

An example of this would be Thanksgiving Monday; Public Works will combine the Monday route with the Tuesday Route. This will be advertised on our Facebook page, Instagram and sent out through our Town App to notify residents. 

A reminder to all residents that after your waste bin has been emptied, you are required to place it back within your property.

Grass Clipping Program

This seasonal programs is offered to seniors and those with mobility issues within the Town of St. Paul. Grass Clippings are required to be placed in a compostable bag and are collected once a week on Monday's.  

Registration is simple and done by calling the Public Works Administration at 780-645-3509.

Residents who are looking to dispose of their grass clippings and unable to bring to the Transfer Station do have the opportunity to bring them to the Community Garden's designated spot. The Community Garden is accessed via the back alley of 50 Street and 51 Avenue (north of the Town of St. Paul Administration Building)

Snow Removal

Through the Winter months, the Town of St. Paul recognizes the need to provide ongoing means of efficient, cost-effective measures to remove snow as well as an ice control procedure throughout the Town.

Therefore, the Snow and Ice Clearing Policy (PW1704-06) is a means of establishing a priority ranking system to ensure equitable service. 

Residents are encouraged to read the above policy. 

Please follow our Facebook page, Instagram and download the Town App (iTunes or Google Play) to received snow removal notifications.

Application for Curb-Cuts / Second Driveways & Driveway Widening

Please complete this form and drop off to Public Works at 5508-50 Street. If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 780-645-3509.