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Property Tax Payments

You will be asked for your ROLL NUMBER when entering payment information for your property taxes. This can be found on your tax notices.

OptionPay FAQs

What is OptionPay?

OptionPay is a payment card system the Town of St. Paul uses for its online credit card transactions. You can find out more information about OptionPay by visiting their website here.  

Is there an added fee for using OptionPay to pay my Town of St. Paul bills with my credit card?

 Yes. All transactions carried out through OptionPay follow a tiered fee schedule, starting at a minimum fee of $2.00.  To see the full fee schedule for using this payment option, please visit their fee schedule here

Why is there an added fee to pay with credit card?

The fees are administered through the OptionPay program for the use of their service and not through the Town of St. Paul. 

Is my credit card/information security with this program?

OptionPay provides information on their security measures here. Please note that the Town of St. Paul takes no responsibility for, and accepts no liability, in the event of security breaches, technical difficulties, or other issues that may arise from your use of OptionPay. All users accept responsibility for their use of this service and do so at their own risk. 

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