Property Tax Deadline

A reminder that a 15% penalty will be applied to all property taxes with an outstanding balance on January 1, 2024.

Reasons To License Your Pet

Provides identification of animal to Community Peace Officer so they can return it to you.

If your house/vehicle gets broken into, the animal can be returned to you when it is found. Licensing is preparation for events that animal owners cannot control (kids let it out of the house when I was at work, my dog just seems to escape anytime it wants to, I have no idea my pet was even out of the yard? Your dog/cat cannot speak on its own behalf to the reason it escaped your yard. If your animal is found injured, the Community Peace Officer can find you to notify you of the situation ASAP. The pet license allows us to reunites the pet, and the pet owner.

But, I have an animal license that I made myself? It even has my phone number and address on it so someone can return my pet to me.

• How much information do you really want a stranger to know about you?

Why should I re-license every year?

• People move

• People change phone numbers

• Animals are given away to other owners in town (dog license needs to be renewed when a new owner acquires the pet)

• The Town of St. Paul can update animal license information

Micro-chipping is a great tool; however pet owners frequently forget to update the information if and when they move to another part of town or change phone numbers.

But my pet is licensed in another municipality, why do I have to register it here?

• That information wont help the officer find you to return your pet

• The previous municipality does not have your new phone number/address Hey, my pet never gets out

• Things never happen until they happen

• You would want it to be returned to you when it does get out