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Winter Safety in Our Community

February 16 2018

Winter Safety Around Snow Banks and Hills

Winter is a great season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating. Cold weather, ice, and snow can be fun but also dangerous for children. As of lately the Municipal operators have been observing some dangerous play by children that could cause serious injury or worse.
Some hazards that we face daily while our operators are working:

• Building forts and tunnels can be fun, but this activity should always be supervised by an adult. As a rule of thumb, snow weighs approximately 20 pounds per cubic foot, or 1.25 pounds per inch of depth. Keep in mind the wetter the snow the heavier it will be. If you are in a tunnel or fort and it collapse’s think of it as being caught in an avalanche. You’ll either be crushed to death by the weight or you’ll suffocate due to the lack of oxygen you need. This is extremely dangerous when our operators are putting more snow on top of those piles as they won’t know if kids are in there.

• Don’t play on roadside snow banks. Our operators are in some big equipment. The equipment does have blind spots where the operator cannot see anything in certain places.

• Snowplows and snow blowers. Kids need to keep clear of these heavy machines, there is no forgiveness if they are injured by one. The rotating equipment and the speed the blades turn will not give you enough time to get out of harms way.

• Roads, fences and water are not good play areas. Lots of hazards are hidden above and below the snow that you can’t see that can hurt you.
We want you to have fun during the winter months, but be sure think and act safely around the heavy equipment, snow banks and hills.

Icy Walk-Ways

The Town of St. Paul is committed to keeping access to all our Municipally owned facilities free and clear of all hazards.
The weather has been playing havoc over the past couple of months with the freeze and thaw cycles, and of course the wind is contributing in making a conditions even worse. With the winds we’ve been seeing, walkways have been sanded and half an hour later there is a polished layer of ice over the salted walks. Our crews are doing their best to stay on top of these hazards.
We are asking the public to take their time, wear proper footwear with a good tread and to watch their footing when using all walkways. The Town is doing everything reasonable practicable to keep the walkways and our public safe. If you identify an area where it is extremely icy and needs to be addressed, please call the Town of St. Paul Administration Office so it can be corrected.

Somethings to consider when walking on snow or icy walkways:
• Take short steps or shuffle for stability.

• Bend slightly forward and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over your feet as much as possible.

• Keep your hands out of your pockets.

• Be prepared to fall. If you fall, fall with sequential contacts at your thigh, hip and shoulder. Avoid using outstretched arms to brace yourself.

• Bend your back and head forward to avoid hitting your head against the ground.

The Town of St. Paul thanks you for your understanding on this matter.

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