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The deadline for payment for the 2022 Taxes is June 30, 2022. A 10% penalty will be applied on July 1, 2022 to all outstanding balances.


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Water Meter Readings - Effective February 1, 2020

January 31 2020
Water Meter Readings

As of February 1st, 2020 the Town of St. Paul will be re-implementing the meter reading protocol as per By-Law #2019-10. This pertains to residences that have not had the new electronic meters installed.

If your residence has not provided a meter reading for two billing cycles (4 months), a door knocker notice (red in colour) will be left. 

Once the notice has been left, residents will have one week in which to provide the Town with a meter reading.

If residents do not provide a meter reading within this time, a $50.00
Meter Read Fee will be applied to the customers next utility billing.

If you have any questions, please call Brooke at 780-645-4481, ext. 2104 or by email at:
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