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Trailers & Recreation Vehicles - Re: Parking - Municipal Enforcement

April 13 2021
As part of education and awareness St. Paul Municipal Enforcement wishes to remind residents of the Town of St. Paul Bylaw No. 1119, pertaining to the parking of trailers on the Town of St. Paul Streets. With the warmer temperatures fast upon us, residents will be preparing for the camping season so we would like to remind residents of the Bylaw that limits the time a recreational vehicle or any trailer can be parked on the street. The Town of St. Paul Bylaw No. 1119:

Section 3.8 Trailers and Recreational Vehicles:
3.8.1 No person shall park any recreational vehicle, attached or unattached trailer holiday trailer on a highway except for the purpose of loading or unloading for a period not exceeding 48 hours and only if it is located on that portion of highway that lies immediately adjacent to the property it is being loaded from or unloaded to.

The term 'Highway' is defined under the Traffic Safety Act as, "...means any thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, etc.

Your cooperation with respect to parking trailers of any kind is appreciated, and should you have any questions,
please contact the St. Paul Municipal Enforcement office @ 780-645-4522.

For PDF Information Sheet, click here.

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