Regional Multipurpose Leisure Centre Feasibility Study

Have Your Say - Regional Multipurpose Leisure Centre Feasibility Study Residents are invited to provide input for a feasibility study that will provide guidance to the project partners for the potential development of a regional multipurpose leisure centre.


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Strategic Plan - Tele - Townhall on December 3 at 6:30 p.m.

November 26 2020
Join the conversation! Take a look at the strategic plan and please tell us your thoughts below by answering these questions. 

Strategic Plan Questions:

1. Pillar one – Enable Economic Vitality
- What are ways we can reduce barriers to business innovation and creativity that we may have missed in the strategic plan?

2. Pillar two – Enrich Health and Safety
- Which of the four initiatives is most important to you for enriching health and safety?

3. Pillar 3 – Empower Organizational Excellence
- Of the 5 initiatives to empower organizational excellence, which one resonates with you the most?

4. Pillar 4 – Excel in Environmental Stewardship
- Of the 5 initiatives, which one should our town tackle first and why?

5. Pillar 5 – Enhance Quality Infrastructure
- Please place the 5 infrastructure initiatives in order from most important to least. 1 being most important to you and 5 being the least.

6. Pillar 6 – Engage Essential Relationships
- What are ways that we can approach the first initiative to build stronger relationships with our neighbours?

Here is the Town of St. Paul's Strategic Plan.

Join us at our next tele-town hall on December 3 at 6:30 pm to discuss our strategic plan. This plan will help guide how we will make decisions and take actions that position us for success and prosperity now, and in the years to come. Simply call 1-888-409-5380 to connect to the meeting!
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