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Public Works Program for Pickup of Grass Clippings

May 7 2021
 Public Works Program for Pickup of Grass Clippings

• Eligibility: Senior/ Individuals physically unable due to disability or sickness

• Registration is required. Grass will only be picked up at addresses that have been registered at the Town of St. Paul Public Works Shop at 780-645-3509 and must include name and phone number. Further to this, you must register annually for this program.

• Grass must be placed in 100% paper compostable bags. The paper compostable bags must be closed using a roll down method in order to contain the grass/yard clippings.

• Bags must be placed in the front of the house (so the address is visible) on pickup day at the edge of the property.

• This program will be free and is replacing the previous sticker program that required individuals to purchase the $1.00 stickers. If you have the purchased stickers left over from last year, you may use them with clear plastic bags until you have no stickers left. You will then need to switch to 100% paper compostable bags.

• Pick up day will start Monday, May 10, 2021 and be every Monday following until mid-September. On Mondays that are a holiday, it will then be the next working day.

Click here to access a PDF copy of this information.

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