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Notice of Public Hearing

May 10 2023

Take notice that the Council of the Town of St. Paul will be holding a public hearing to obtain public input on proposed Bylaw 2023-05: Animal Control. 

Addition of Schedule B - Animal Licensing Fee's has been added for consideration and welcome public input.

The changes include:

• Repeal and Replace Bylaw No. 1174 (Dog Bylaw) and Bylaw No. 1131 (Cat Bylaw)
• Amendment of section 4.1; No person shall be an Owner of more than three (3) Dogs, or more than three (3) Cats, or more than a total of four (4) Cats and Dogs combined that are six (6) months of age or more, at any one property within Town.
• Addition of section 5.10; No person shall bait, feed or take any actions that may attract feral or wild animals, whether private or public property, excepting the use of bird feeders, which is allowed on the condition that they are at a height that is only accessible to birds.
• Add “Feral” to section 8.17; may consider euthanizing an unclaimed Animal if the Animal is: (a) in the opinion of a Veterinarian, Feral.

Additional Information for Review: Schedule B

DATE: Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Regular Council Meeting
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: Town Hall – Council Chambers
5101-50 Street

Anyone interested in speaking on the proposed bylaw is encouraged to participate. Presentations can be made in-person or by written submission.
• Oral submissions may be made at the Public Hearing without prior notification to the Town of St. Paul. Each speaker will be limited to 10 minutes.
• Written submissions must be received by the Executive Assistant no later than May 23, 2023 (12:00 Noon). Written submissions received by this date/time as noted above will be included in Council’s agenda package. Submissions must include your comments, name, signature, bylaw number, phone number, date, and your civic address.

Submissions will become part of the public meeting record and will be subject to the provisions of the FOIP Act.

A copy of the proposed bylaw is available upon request from Administration (2nd Floor, Town Hall: 5101-50 Street). Questions or submissions must be made to Sarah Burton, Executive Assistant at 780-645-1765 /

To access the PDF of Notice of Public Hearing, please click here.

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