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Have Your Say - Regional Multipurpose Leisure Centre Feasibility Study Residents are invited to provide input for a feasibility study that will provide guidance to the project partners for the potential development of a regional multipurpose leisure centre.


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New Water Meters-Information

January 24 2019
The Town of St. Paul is currently in the process of upgrading residential water meters.

In response to some concerns over the Town’s use of the new Automatic meter reading devices we are installing, I want to assure everyone, if there was any chance of a health risk we would not be installing these meters. I have attached several research articles that link to studies and research done by the Federal Communications Commission, Industry Canada, Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 and the World Health Organization. They also compare the use of these meters compared to many other household devices we use everyday.

Before getting overly concerned about something you read on the web, please check the source. Anyone can write anything and post it on the web. There is a huge difference between credible researched facts and someone’s opinion. We will have some printed copies at the front desk for anyone who does not have access to a computer.

Please follow the links for information:

Health Effects of Radio Frequency

Neptune Reference Information Sheet

Radio Frequency Emissions

Kim Heyman
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of St. Paul
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