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Halloween Hours

October 25 2023

The Town of St. Paul Halloween Hours are 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31st.

Safety advice this Halloween for Trick or Treaters!

Carry a white bag, pillowcase or a reflective bag for your candy.

Dress for the weather. It's Alberta, after all.

Don’t go trick or treating alone. Join with older siblings, friends, parents/guardians.

Let your parents/guardians know where you’re going to be at all times.

Don’t visit houses that are not well lit, and never go inside a stranger’s house.

Use the sidewalk whenever possible. If there’s no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic.

Don’t cross back and forth across the street. Work your way up one side of the street, and then start on the other.

Don’t eat any of your treats before you get home. Once home, ask your parents to look through your treats with you to make sure everything is safe.

And motorists, please be extra vigilant during Halloween, as you’ll find plenty of kids excitedly moving from house to house and they may not be as attentive when walking through your neighborhood. 

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