Regional Multipurpose Leisure Centre Feasibility Study

Have Your Say - Regional Multipurpose Leisure Centre Feasibility Study Residents are invited to provide input for a feasibility study that will provide guidance to the project partners for the potential development of a regional multipurpose leisure centre.


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Development Permit Information

April 20 2020
Check with the Planning & Development Team to see if you require a permit for:
  • excavation or stockpile;
  • building or an addition;
  • change of use of land or building (ie. new business or change of one business to another type of business);
  • change in intensity (ie. use of single family home to a business or multi-family home;
  • placement of refuse or waste material on lands;
  • use of land for storage or repair of motor vehicles or other machinery;
  • demolition or removal of a building;
  • placement of an already constructed or partially constructed building (ie. sheds over 10' on one side/ mobile home);
  • landscaping where grades/drainage may be affected;
  • decks higher than 2 feet above ground;
  • home occupation (major or minor);
  • fence;
  • signs.
Have any questions? You can email their department at: or call them at 780-645-8540.

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