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Coyotes and Pets

January 16 2014

Coyotes and Pets

Coyotes are territorial and could consider your dog a threat. Coyotes may try to draw a dog away and attack it to eliminate the threat. Keeping your dog on a leash at all times is the best way to ensure its safety.
The Town of St. Pauls Dog/Cat Bylaw requires owners to prevent their cats and dogs from roaming free and unsupervised off of their property. By permitting your pets to roam free outside of your property, you provide the opportunity for a potentially serious encounter between your pet and a coyote.

To help prevent conflicts with coyotes do not:
• feed coyotes
• leave garbage out
• leave pet food outside
• leave a small dog out in the yard unattended for long periods of time
• leave cats out roaming

It is only necessary to report you have seen a coyote if:
• the coyote has followed, chased or attacked someone or a pet
• the coyote is acting aggressively or defensively
• the coyote looks sick

Contact :

St. Paul Municipal Enforcement
780-645-4522 or


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