E-Billing: Paper Utility Fees

Effective March 1, 2023, a $2.00 fee will be charged for paper utility invoices. To ensure you avoid a paper statement fee, please sign up for E-billing before March 1, 2023 and your invoices will be sent directly to the email you provide.


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Animal Control- FAQ

October 22 2018
 Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Do dogs and cats need to be licensed?
Yes! The Town of St.Paul requires that all dogs and cats in a household be registered. Licenses can be purchased at the Town of St. Paul Office, located at 5101-50 Street between 8:30am and 4:30pm
  • Who do I call about an animal at large?
Please call the Town of St. Paul Municipal Enforcement at 780-645-4522.
What happens to an animal when a Peace Officer picks them up?
The Peace Officer will check the animal for any identification (This is why pet licenses are so important) and will either make attempts to contact the owner or will take the animal to a safe facility until their owner is located or the hold period is up.
  • What happens if the animal is not claimed?
If an animal is not claimed arrangements will be made for the animal to be placed with a shelter or rescue that will than have the animal vetted, fixed, vaccinated and placed up for adoption.
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