Registered Candidates

How often is the registered candidate list updated?

A list of registered candidates for the 2021 Municipal Election is expected to be published to this page on March 1, 2021, June 1, 2021, August 3, 2021 and then weekly on Fridays starting September 3, 2021 until the close of nominations (September 20, 2021 at 12Noon).
As well, there will be 1 last update on September 22, 2021.

Who are the registered (nominated) candidates?

Candidate First Name & Last Name, Councillor or Mayor

Maureen Miller, Mayor (acclaimed)

Ron Boisvert, Councillor (incumbent)
Gary Ward, Councillor (incumbent)
Siddharth (Sid) Sood, Councillor
Jyotiranjan (Joe) Khandual, Councillor
Normand (Norm) Noel, Councillor (incumbent)
Nathan Taylor, Councillor (incumbent)
Dwight Wiebe (Danny White), Councillor
Daniel Gadowski, Councillor
Brad Eamon, Councillor (incumbent)