Blue Quills First Nations College

Blue Quills First Nations College

For over 35 years, Blue Quills First Nations College has been providing quality education with a cirriculum that embraces indigenous cultural values.

#3 Airport Road South Box 279 St. Paul, Alberta CA T0A 3A0
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(888) 645-4455
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(780) 645-4455 x ext. 174
Blue Quills also provides a number of workshops in cultural sensitivety training, personal development, community wellness and healing, professional development and leadership accountability. Small class size, an extensive and effective support system, and an environment encouraging wholistic learning and fostering pride in native traditions and self achievement benefit students and promote success at Blue Quills. Students of all cultures are encouraged to experience studying in a unique atmosphere. Come out and see what Blue Quills has to offer. For more information on our programs, visit our website or call for a student calendar and hand book.

Blue Quills First Nations College is one of the first Native-Administered post-secondary education institution serving the needs of First Nations and other students from across Canada. Blue Quills is located on the 240 acre Blue Quills First Nations Reserve, five kilometers west of St. Paul, Alberta.

The history of the college dates back to 1865 and the present campus was built in the early 1930's as a mission residential school for First Nations children. Blue Quills is now a non-profit, community-owned academic and training institution owned and operated by the people of the seven area First Nations. Students of all backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to study at Blue Quills.

The College annually has over 400 students enrolled in upgrading, College and University-level programs and courses that are culturally-sensitive and reflect the needs of the communities. Students are able to work towards accreditation in a variety of programs including Education, Social Work, Management & Leadership, Teacher Assistants, Early Childhood, Secretarial and a host of other general programs.

Blue Quills students are successful because they enjoy the benefits of small class size, and extensive and effective support system and an environment that fosters pride in themselves and self-achievement.

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