Waste Cart Reminder/Update


Waste Cart Reminder/Update

Posted on Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 11:21AM

Waste Cart Reminder/Update

Town of St. Paul Public Works has now delivered all Waste Carts to residents and with that being said, there are some friendly reminders:

· The new waste carts will begin use on Monday, May 3rd. Please continue to use your existing garbage bins until this date.

· Please store your new cart within your property until Monday, May 3rd.

· Your waste cart was delivered to the front of your home but it needs to be placed where your existing garbage cans are. The reason for the front home delivery was for Public Works to visually see your home address and ensure they were delivering the correct bin to you.

· After your garbage has been collected, please return the waste cart to an area on your property.

Author: Town of St. Paul


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