Schools & Education

Schools and Education

St. Paul is part of:

St. Paul Elementary – Kindergarten to Grade 5

Offers English, French Immersion and Special Needs, 780-645-3537

Glen Avon School – Kindergarten to Grade 9
Offers English (French, Cree and Ukrainian Language Program) and Special Needs, 780-645-3237

Racette Junior High - Grade 6 to Grade 9
Offers English, French Immersion and Special Needs, 780-645-3571

Regional High School - Grade 10 to Grade 12
Offers a wide variety of CTS courses such as Hairdressing, Welding, Shop, Auto body, Mechanics, Computer, and Home Economics, 780-645-4491

Ecole du Sommet - Playschool to Grade 12
Offers all subjects in French, 780-645-1949

St. Paul Alternate Education Centre - Grade 7 to Grade 12

Post Secondary Education

Portage College
Adult education that includes Academic Upgrading from Grades 7-12 as well as a Rehabilitation Service Program.  They also now offer University Studies courses. 780-645-6214

Blue Quills First Nations College
Offers quality, accredited post-secondary education programs to students of all cultures, (780) 645-4455