Safety Codes Permits

**Any new home constructed after February 1, 2014, must comply with the New Home Warranty standards implemented by the Government of Alberta.

Safety Codes Permits

The Town of St. Paul is accredited by the Safety Codes Council.  We are pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2018, The Inspections Group Inc. will provide our permit issuance and inspection services for the Town of St. Paul. 

Permits and Compliance Reference Book

All permit forms and fee schedule can be found here.

If you would like to pay the safety codes permits by credit card, the form to be submitted with your application can be found here.

For quicker service, please send in your permit applications directly to the Cold Lake Office for permit issuance at:

Jamie Machatis, Permits Coordinator |
110, 4910 50 Avenue | Cold Lake, Alberta, T9M 0G1
Phone: (780) 594-4301 | Toll-Free: (888) 853-6411 |
Fax: (780) 594-3720 | Toll-Free Fax: (844) 750-3721

The Safety Codes Officers (SCO) that are appointed to the Town of St. Paul are:

Dale Vallee, Electrical SCO
Cell Phone: 780-573-1837 

Rick Baxter, Pluming, Gas, Private Sewage, & Building (Residential & Commercial) SCO 
Cell Phone:  780-222-2180 

**Please do not hesitate to call the SCO's for code information prior to applying for a permit or starting construction.  

To request an inspection, please see this link or call 1-888-853-6411.

Safety tips brochures can be found here

To obtain information on the changes effective December 1, 2017 for Residential Builders Licensing Program, please see this link.