Land Use Bylaw Amendment

 Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Map or Text)

There are two different types of Land Use Bylaw (LUB) amendments: text amendments or map amendments.

A text amendment may propose to modify an existing regulation or add a new definition (use).

A map amendment may propose to change the land use district (zoning) of a parcel of land; for example, changing the land use district (zone) of a property from R1 District to R3 District.

Developing a property can be complex, it is recommended that you book an appointment with the Director to review your proposal prior to submitting an application.  At times, it may be recommended by the department to apply for a text and a map amendment at the same time to facilitate your proposal. 

An amendment must be considered by Council in the form of a bylaw. 

Process Time Frame Notes
Pre-Consult  N/A It is recommended that applicants meet (either in person or on the telephone) with planning staff to determine/review the application requirements.

Please call 780-645-4481 to book a meeting in advance of filing your application due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Applicant completes application  N/A Our department is here to help! Please call us if you need any assistance with our form - Planning and Land Use Application form.  

The fee for this type of amendment is $1000.00.

A letter or email outlining your intent and proposal is required with your submission (describing your future desires with the specific use of your lands, potential traffic impacts, noise or any other information you feel necessary for the Council to consider). This letter (personal information redacted) will be included in the Staff's report to Council.
Application Submission 1 week Staff will send a letter to the applicant to notify them that the file has been opened and is in review.
Review of Application up to 30 days from submission During this time staff will prepare a technical report for Council to examine including the following information: the proposed bylaw, mapping, site inspection photos, how your proposal fits within our planning documents (Municipal Development Plan).

During this time, a review of the existing underground utilities will be examined with our Public Works department. 
1st Reading once the review is complete and the technical report is prepared Council considers 1st Reading of the proposed bylaw.
Referrals notifications are sent usually within 1-2 weeks after 1st Reading is given If 1st Reading is approved by Council, Administration proceeds with sending the appropriate notices to adjacent owners (for map amendments, S. 692.4.b of the MGA) and applicable agencies. 

Response time is typically 21 days.  According to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the bylaw must be advertised in the local newspaper for 2 consecutive weeks and as well, the last date of advertisement must be 5 days before public hearing is held.
Public Hearing after the referral period closes Administration prepares a Public Hearing Background report and summarizes any and all comments received (in favour and opposed).

The developer is encouraged to attend the public hearing to hear any comments in regards to the proposed bylaw. As well, Council may ask questions to gain clarification on the submitted proposal.

Any individual wishing to partake in the live public hearing may contact the Director of Planning & Legislative Services at 780-645-8540 at least 1 week before the public hearing is held.
2nd, 3rd & Final Readings after the Public Hearing is completed If no opposition is received, Council could consider further bylaw readings.

If any opposition is raised by the public or referral agencies at the Public Hearing in regards to the proposal, the Developer is recommended to prepare a letter mitigating any concerns. Attendance is also recommended at an upcoming Council meeting.

It should be noted that every proposed bylaw has 3 distinct separate readings.  It has been a best practice and recommended by Council to allow for first reading so that public input can be obtained to hear from the area residents. Council at anytime can defeat/deny further readings of a proposed bylaw at any bylaw reading. 

Planning ahead is encouraged and important to allow Staff/Council time to process the proposed bylaw in accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and applicable Statutory and Non-Statutory Plans.  The timelines above are suggested and overall can take up to 3-5 months for processing.  Timelines may be extended if Council is currently considering a proposed bylaw: Area Structure Plan (New or an Amendment), Municipal Development Plan (New or an Amendment), Land Use Bylaw (New or an Amendment) that may affect your proposal.  

A list of amendments to Land Use Bylaw 2021-04, will be posted here in due course. As the LUB was recently adopted by Council on April 6, 2021, no amendments have occurred since the passing of this bylaw.