DP: Permitted Use

Development Permit - Permitted Use

A permitted use means the use of land or building provided for in the Land Use Bylaw for which a development permit shall be issued upon an application having been made, provided that all of the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw are satisfied and all of the considerations and requirements of the Development Authority (Development Officer) are or will be met.

Permitted use applications are received by any member of the planning team and approved by Director of Planning & Legislative Services being the appointed Development Officer for the Town of St. Paul. 

Process Time Frame Notes
Pre-Consult N/A It is recommended that applicants meet (either in person or on the telephone) with planning staff to determine/review the application requirements.  In some cases, a development (project) may be exempted from a Development Permit. 

Please call 780-645-4481 to book a meeting in advance of filing your application due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

You may be recommended to consult with Alberta Transportation prior to submitting the Town's development permit application.
Applicant completes application N/A Our department is here to help! Please call us if you need any assistance with our forms.
Application Submission 1 week Staff will send an email to the applicant to notify them that the file has been opened and assigned a file number.  To check the status of your application, please have your assigned permit number available.
Review of Application up to 20 days from submission The Development Officer will review the file and determine if all information required is submitted.  A second email is sent to the applicant to notify them that the file has complete or incomplete status.

If incomplete status is determined, the outstanding information must be provided. At which time, the 40 day decision date starts again when all information has been provided.
Issuance up to 40 days from submission The Development Officer will issue the permit and send via email to the applicant/owner.  This is an estimated time line and can take less time depending on the complexity of the application.  Often times, the review and issuance steps are completed the same day if no other information is required.
Appeal Period 21 days The decision of the Development Officer can be appealed if an appellant feels that an application has been interpreted incorrectly.
Next Steps N/A Applicant may apply for the safety codes permits (building, electrical, plumbing, and gas permits) through The Inspections Group at 1-888-853-6411.  Construction may start after the safety codes permits are issued.
Last Updated: May 31, 2021