DP: Notices - 2021

 A development permit is required for most forms of development within the Town.  The Land Use Bylaw outlines the types of developments allowed in each land use district and the rules and regulations governing those uses. Not all developments require a development permit. Section 3.2 of the Land Use Bylaw outlines developments that do not require a permit.

The following development permits have been received by the Planning & Development department and have the following status:

  • P = means the file is "pending" or in review by the department. (when the file is in this status, the permit will not be able to be reviewed by a citizen until a decision has been made by the Planning Authority of either "approved" or "refused".)
  • R = means the file has been "refused".
  • W = means the file has been "withdrawn".
  • A = means the file has been "approved" by the Planning Authority.

The Planning Authority for Development Permits is either the Development Officer (DO), the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC), or the Council (C).


Development Permit Number / Description of Work Address          Planning Authority Status Last day to appeal
DP 001-21 / Change of Use: Health Service (Sweat Lodge) 4924-49 Ave   DO P
DP 002-21 / 
DP 003-21 / 
DP 004-21 / 
DP 005-21 / 
DP 006-21 / 
DP 007-21 / 
DP 008-21 / 
DP 009-21 / 
DP 010-21 / 
DP 011-21 / 
DP 012-21 / 
DP 013-21 / 
DP 014-21 / 
DP 015-21 / 
DP 016-21 / 
DP 017-21 
DP 018-21 / 
DP 019-21 
DP 020-21 / 

Once the development permit has been approved, citizens have 21 days to appeal the development permit decision if they wish.  A permitted use permit can be appealed only by a citizen if it can be demonstrated that the Land Use Bylaw has been misinterpreted.  The use (permitted or discretionary) can be verified on the issued development permit.

Once a development permit has been approved or refused, arrangements for viewing any of the listed development permits can be made by contacting Planning & Development at pd@town.stpaul.ab.ca or call 780-645-1766.

**Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act some parts of the permit may be severed (blacked out) before it is released.**