Members of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

Members of the MPC include: Councillor Norm Noel, Councillor Brad Eamon, & Councillor Ron Boisvert.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) Minutes

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MPC - Planning Authority

MPC is the Planning Authority which decides on Development Permit Applications that are a discretionary use and variances as outlined in the table below (Table 1 in Land Use Bylaw 2021-04).

Table 1 - LUB 2021-04

Discretionary Use means the use of land or a building provided for in the Land Use Bylaw for which a development permit may be issued, with or without conditions, upon an application having been made, at the discretion of the Development Authority (MPC).

Variance means an alteration or change to standard prescribed in the Land Use Bylaw that is authorized by the Development Authority or Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Processing Timelines for Development Permit applications that require a decision from the MPC

Process Time Frame Notes
Pre-Consult  N/A It is recommended that applicants meet (either in person or via telephone) with planning staff to determine/review the application requirements.

Please call 780-645-4481 to book a meeting in advance of filing an application due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Our department is here to help, if you need assistance with our forms.

You may be recommended to consult with Alberta Transportation prior to submitting the Town’s development permit application. 
Applicant completes application N/A Our department is here to help!  Please call us if you need any assistance with our forms.
Application Submission 1 week Upon receipt of a completed application for a Development Permit, the Development Authority (DO) shall review the application and advise if the application falls under Discretionary use. If the application falls under Discretionary Use the DO will refer with recommendations to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for its consideration and decision. This same process will also apply if a variance is requested.

Staff will send an email to the applicant to notify them that the file has been opened and assigned a file number. To check the status of your application, please have your assigned permit number available.
Review of Application & Preparation for MPC Meeting

up to 2 weeks The DO will prepare and schedule a meeting with the MPC and will advise the applicant of the meeting date.  If necessary, internal or external agencies may be sent a referral. 

Planning staff will take site photos to submit as part of the report to the MPC.  Other agencies may be consulted if necessary. 

Planning staff may also request the applicant contacts adjacent owners for their comments/ concerns regarding the proposed application. This is typical with any variance request according to the Town's policy listed here.
MPC Meeting N/A MPC meeting will be held and a decision will be made. A letter informing the applicant and owner of the decision will be emailed.

If the proposed development is approved, staff will place a notice in the Lakeland This Week (local newspaper), the Town's website, Facebook page, and display the notice on the Town Hall doors.  Letters will also be mailed to surrounding owners advising them of the proposed development and provide them with 21 days to appeal the decision if they so choose.

If the proposed development is tabled or denied, staff will be in contact with you to determine the next steps.
Appeal Period 21 days The decision of the Development Authority (MPC) can be appealed by an affected party.
Issuance after the 21 days If no appeals are filed, the Development Permit will be issued and emailed to the applicant and owner.
Next Steps N/A Applicant may apply for the safety codes permits (building, electrical, plumbing, and gas permits) through The Inspections Group Inc. at 1-888-853-6411.  Construction may start after the safety codes permits are issued.