Crime Prevention Tips

The 9 P.M. Routine

This is a checklist for people to do before going to bed. It is part of a North American campaign to reduce property crime. This began in Pasco County, Florida and is used to remind residents to protect themselves and their property. Most of these crimes happen overnight, so the 9pm routine is an effort to prevent these crimes. If there is nothing for a criminal to gain, there is less of a chance they will break into it and move along.
This is a simple tool which makes a difference.

• Remove keys, wallets, cash, other valuables from vehicles and garage door openers.
• Lock vehicles
• Close overhead garage doors
• Lock the internal door between the garage and house
• Close and lock all external doors. (Front, back, and side doors)
• Ensure windows are shut and locked if possible
• Turn on exterior lights, camera systems, alarm systems
• Close and lock doors to sheds
• Close and lock gates

This shows potential offenders you won’t tolerate property crime in the neighborhood.
Its 9 PM, have you gone through your checklist?