Coyote Prevention

 Ways to prevent an encounter with coyotes in town limits:

- Keep compost in a securely enclosed bin.
- Do not put meat, dairy, egg products in the compost.
- If you have fruit trees, pick when ripe and remove any fruit from the ground. pick up those jack-o-lanterns from your front steps.
- Installing motion sensor lights are an option.
- Do not leave dog or cat food outside your house, keep it inside.
- Hunters do not leave meat scraps in your yard, these should be brought to a suitable location
- If you encounter a coyote, leave the area calmly, do not make eye contact with it, do not turn your back, or run away from a coyote.
- Dogs and cats are not allowed to be at large Keep your pets on a leash when outside.
- Keep your pets inside at night.
- Coyotes are territorial and may consider your dog a threat. Keep it on leash.
- Spay neuter your dog to prevent coyotes from trying to breed with your dog.
- Clean up dog feces in your yard, this attracts coyotes.
- Don’t feed coyotes or attempt to tame them.
- If you have seen them in your yard they are likely attracted to a food source or source for denning (under your shed or deck, etc.)
- Don’t let your pets or children outside unsupervised.
- Clear bushes or tall weeds away from your property to prevent a source of cover for wild animals, remove low hanging branches.
- Install a fence if you do not have one.
- Keep the gates to your fence closed.
- Keep your fence in good repair.
- Use a durable wire mesh to close of spaces under your deck, shed, patio, outbuildings.
- Be more vigilant at dusk and dawn.
- Carry dog spray when walking your dog.
- If you see a coyote do not make it feel welcome, they should not feel welcome around us
o Look as large as possible, waving your arms overhead, throw objects at it to scare it away
o If you see them in your yard make loud noises to scare them away (portable compressed air horn devices, whistles, bang pots and pans, )
o If you see one eating garbage in an alley or something under a deck, pick up smaller kids & pets, slowly walk away, call 911.
- Do not leave suet (pieces of animal fat) out for birds in your yard, clean up spilled bird seed. These attract mice which are prey for coyotes.
- Do not leave your garbage bins out all week. Place them out the morning of your garbage pick up day. Do not put the garbage cans out the night before.

Coyotes are extremely adaptable and can be resourceful. They can thrive among rural and urban areas. They will find alternate food sources. They become bolder when they learn back yards, alleys can become a food source. They may become aggressive if they are protecting food sources. There are reports of coyotes attacking people in Canada, however these events are extremely rare.