Compliance Certificates

A Certificate of Compliance stamp on a Real Property Report is a confirmation that the location of the building(s) on the property complies with the requirements of the current Land Use Bylaw.

This is a service provided by the Town of St. Paul in response to a request (typically a requirement of a real estate transaction), and is not a requirement of the Town of St. Paul. A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries. Written requests together with the fee of $125.00 and 2 original RPR's can be submitted to Planning & Development for review and consideration. Please note that one original RPR will be retained by the Town for our records.

Please allow up to 10 business days for issuance of a Compliance Certificate.

See this link for a copy of the policy and request form.

Any member of our Planning & Development Department may assist you with obtaining an application.  Although, please contact Jim Laidley, Planning & Legislative Services Officer II at 780-645-1762 for more detailed information.